1st Post of 2016!

Fellow Neighbors,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s 2016 is off to a great start.
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more active with my blog posts. I thought this would be a good time to hit the ground running and discuss a topic that has been the focus of many discussions here in Apex – growth.
Since I started on the job, I have made it a priority to schedule meetings on a regular basis with town officials, property owners, and to continue to meet with the voters. I came to the conclusion that some people were led to believe that the candidates in this last election were either for growth or against it.
I understand that land will be developed and that more construction is inevitable. However, I am also “Apex first,” meaning that as a representative of the people, I want to do everything I can to ensure that we do this responsibly – that we meet with the right people and do our best to make sure that our roads and schools keep up with the population growth. We also need to have jobs here! I do not think it is prudent to have a plan that relies on other towns and cities to provide jobs. I will do my best in 2016 and going-forward to work for you to make sure we are responsible in our planning. My platform during the campaign was responsible growth and that’s the position that I continue to take.
Thank you again for your support. I am honored to serve you and the great town of Apex. As always, please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

One thought on “1st Post of 2016!

  1. Mr. Moyer,

    I am a homeowner in the Olive Ridge Development project being proposed by David Weekley Homes. My family has lived in New Hill for over 35 years when it was just a crossroads on US 1 and nothing but woods. My Father bought land and carved out a beautiful home for our family which they lived happily in for decades. But as I wrote the Planning Commission, time has gone on, we have gotten older and find now is good time to move on. I want to thank you for the great synopsis of the project you posted as you were completely on the mark with all of the comments and observations you offered. It will be a brilliant development for the area and bring business infrastructure and opportunity to the surrounding area where we had to survive for years with all of the challenges it took with no sewers, running your own electricity, water, etc. that our family faced in developing our property. But we gladly endured. I wonder how many of the dissenting viewpoints were made by people who actually lived or live in New Hill for as long as our family and others involved have and faced the challenges we did over the many years we’ve lived there? My guess is not many. I wonder if they would like to voice their opinion to Dr. Jim Goodnight and all of the progress he is bringing to the Pittsboro area? The future has come to our area and the time is now! I commend you for standing up and expressing your views and with this incorporation, New Hill will join Apex as “the peak of good living”!!

    Kind Regards,

    John J. Norman II

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