Apex Roads

Fellow citizens, as you know Apex controls very little of the roads we all travel around town. We are at the mercy of the NCDOT. We have to wait on them to make improvements to entire roads. We require developments to improve entrances to their developments and if stoplights are warranted we also have them fund and complete the process with DOT. The challenge is we end up with roads partially improved. Good news DOT is asking for input with their future plan. Please add a comment to the Apex area of the map from the link below and let our voice be heard. https://www.ncdot.gov/…/nc-205…/Pages/public-engagement.aspx

One thought on “Apex Roads

  1. The roads in my neighborhood need help.
    Olive street
    E. Chatham st
    Culvert st
    Cunningham st
    Ellington st
    Briarcliff st.
    Bryn Mawr Court
    Avery le circle
    Georgle place.

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