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Fellow Apex Citizens. There has been much talk lately of the Ford dealership going in on the corner of Salem St. and 64 on both the SW and SE corners. I would like to put the facts out there as I have seen misinformation being spread.

I was elected in November of 2015. The zoning on the SW corner was approved on 3/17/15. Take a look. Public Hearing 02. . Passed 5-0. Crossroads then came back to us shortly after I was elected and asked to rezone the NW corner. When asked what their plan was with the SW corner if the NW corner was rezoned they baulked and were not willing pull their request to talk with staff and council to work it out. Their request to rezone was denied 4-1. Public Hearing 04

Now the SE corner currently under construction and in front of us for annexation. A car dealership on this corner is currently an allowed use with the zoning so this parcel did not need council approval to put a car dealership there. From the best we can tell our records indicate this property has been zoned for industrial use since 1963. Just like the storage unit closer to town, once the old business left the new business could be built without council approval. Is this Annexation is “bringing” a development into the city limits of Apex, connecting to city water and sewer and collecting taxes on the property. The annexation is usually a standard process once a property is rezoned, until this time. The council decided to delay this vote on annexation until our next meeting. We have two choices. We can annex this property and collect the taxes from this property or we can NOT annex it, NOT collect the taxes and deal with the dealership on this corner. Here is the link to their site plan. Note the significant buffer 40 ft. Type A (most opaque) and the two business uses between it and Salem St. Although I don’t like the car dealership on the SE corner that is up for annexation I think we should annex this property so the town can collect the taxes. Assuming the two individuals who are still on the council feel the same way they did 3 years ago when they rezoned the SW corner I expect us to annex this property into the town of Apex.  I hope the two other members agree.

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  1. I know you were not there to vote against the huge car dealership minutes from downtown. I also know you had nothing to do with the huge storage units so we can store all of our stuff in the middle of downtown Apex. I do know you got my vote because in everything I saw campaign related you trumpeted you hadn’t taken a dime from developers. I hope that your votes on the Council will begin to reflect the information that you put on your yard signs.

    1. Jimmy, thank you for your comment however I’m not sure I’m understanding the implication made? My vote is NOT bought. I make the best decision for the town of Apex and believe we have a land use map for a reason. We spent a lot of tax payer money developing this plan the past 2 years and we should honor it. This gives property owners a guide as to what the town expects to see on their property if they ever decide to sell. If a development follows that guide and meets our requirements I believe we should honor the plan we put in place. I sometimes will ask for additional items if I believe it is best. Sometimes a development will ask for a map amendment with their proposal and if I think it is best I can support it, if I don’t agree with the change I will not support it. As always I am open for a coffee and conversation to discuss this or anything else that is on your mind. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You have my number.

  2. Most people do not know that businesses and industry pay more than than their fair share of property taxes because their property is highly valued and there are no school children there and a small need for law enforcement. In the 1970’s Cary had some of the highest taxes in the state because residential growth was so great but no businesses were being built. It took several years for them to adjust this by discouraging residential growth and encouraging business and industrial. Bottom line, the more business that is in a town, the lower the property tax rate.

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