Olive Ridge Final

Friends, Olive Ridge passed the re-zoning process with a 3-2 vote. Wesley, Bill and Brett were in favor and Audra and Nicole were against. This will be an asset to our community and this part of town. Through my meetings and conversations with the builder I was able to reduce the number of units by 10%, approximately 18 homes, and also remove the townhouses from the middle of the project to make this a single family house only neighborhood. By meeting with the developer over coffee and having ongoing conversations (not every council member meets with developers which I believe is a dis-service to the citizens we represent) with them through our very detailed development process (4-6 months) I was able to get these concessions in the best interest of us all in Apex. The landowners were sad to leave a community which they had spent over 70 years in some instances but the time had come for them to move on in their life. As always I am available for coffee if you would like to meet.

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