Olive Ridge Re-zoning

Friends, I hope this post finds you doing well. There is a re-zoning request before the council on Tuesday and there has been a lot of discussion about denying this. I want to provide some facts about this development.

First, our land use map. This is the guide we give to land owners and developers in Apex what our expectations are if they decide to sell/develop their property. The first version of this was called the 2030 land use map. This was completed around 2012, admittedly before I paid too much attention to what was going on around Apex (I just started my business and my family so life was busy 😊 ) and how development worked. The town paid a consultant $60,000 to develop this plan with citizen input and multiple public workshops. I was elected in 2015 and one of the first things the mayor, Mr. Jensen and myself did was start the process to update our plan and include areas that were slightly overlooked (West and SW Apex specifically-New Hill) in the previous version. Plus we had so much growth in those years we wanted to stay current with our plan so it was time for an update. We started the approx. 2-year public process of the current version of our land use map in 2016, and out came the 2045 land use map. The town spent $176,000 on this version. We feel this is a more comprehensive guide for development in Apex and it includes more area for non-residential growth and mixed-use growth. It also provided the pedestrian and bike plan as well. The Olive Ridge re-zoning that is coming before us Tuesday complies with the 2045 land use map and meets or exceeds all our minimum standards for development. I wanted to provide some facts on this development. See below.

  • 2045 Land Use Map: low density, 3 units per acer
  • RCA: 27% of the total site (15+ acres) in RCA
    • The SW corner of the project is the existing McKinnish property – part of the development – not a separate parcel purchased to meet RCA
    • Other RCA areas including perimeter buffers, stream buffers, play lawns, and interior spaces are provided throughout project
  • Clearing: less than 20 acres within any phase of the development
  • “Central Core” gathering space is being provided
  • Alley loaded homes are provided in the “Central Core” (not required by UDO)
  • Multiple home sizes/types are provided (not required by UDO)
  • Site is set up for an amenity center (not required by the UDO)
  • 40’ buffer along NHOC Road (30’ is required) undisturbed (existing vegetation stays) type B
  • 55’ R/W dedication along NHOC Road-for future NCDOT expansion when needed
  • Parks & Recreation fee (estimated on 155 lots x $3,395.67 = $526,328.85)-goes into our P&R fund to help with all parks related projects around Apex

Project will provide the following at or above Apex standards:

  • 6’ paved shoulder (bike lane) along New Hill Olive Chapel Road-meets our new bike plan
  • Turn lanes along NHOC Road at both entrances-DOT standard
  • Exit from development widened to improve vehicle movements-exceeds required
  • Street stubs to adjacent properties-standard
  • Sanitary sewer stubs to upstream properties-standard
  • 10’ Side path along NHOC Road-meets our new bike plan
  • Sidewalk on both sides of streets within project-standard
  • Pedestrian connectivity through development and adjacent properties-single connection required but multiple provided
  • Stormwater controls – water quality and quantity-standard but possibly more, determined at next phase (site plan)
  • Play lawns provided throughout the development-meets requirement

As always, I am happy to get together with anyone for coffee to discuss any re-zoning. Our time is getting short to meet on this specific application however to date the only person who has reached out for a meeting about this development is the development team, which I sat with and walked through these items with them for clarification and to make sure this project is the best it can be for our town.

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  1. Thank you Wes for posting this! I am a New Hill home owner and I have a contract with David Weekly Homes to sell my 10 acres. I fully support this development! DWHs has designated Olive Ridge as their flagship site in NC! I know the subdivision will be beautifully built. The engineer Jeff Roach has gone above and beyond to satisfy all of the necessary requirements for design. His job is to interpret the rules and regulations established by the Town of Apex and design to meet or exceed those standards, and he has! I am all for enhancing New Hill with this nicely designed subdivision!

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