Responsible Growth

Dear friends and colleagues,

In the last campaign, I ran on a platform that was focused on two key points – responsible growth and giving the people a voice. I was honored to have received your support and to have been given the awesome responsibility of serving our great town of Apex.

The topic of “responsible growth” continues to be a hot topic. Everyone has different ideas of what this means. In my opinion, this means voting with the best interests of our town in mind. In some cases, I will vote for the development proposals “as is.” Other times, I might request amendments to proposals, which I’ve done when I’ve believed that certain specifics, like buffers, were insufficient. I will also vote against proposals which, I believe, aren’t in our town’s best interests.

We won’t always agree on the definition of responsible growth. However, I believe that even when we disagree, we should tackle the issues through on-going, respectful dialogue. Since being elected, I’ve made it a point to meet with all people who have reached out to me, regardless of whether we have differing views or whether they may vote for or against me. I’ve taken this approach because I believe it’s important for everyone to have a voice and to have a seat at the table. Some have asked about my motivations for serving this town. My answer is fairly simple. I’ve lived here my whole life and I want to give back to the place I’m proud to call home. I have always put Apex first and will continue to do so.
Once again, I thank you for your support and for trusting me to serve this great town.


Wesley Moyer

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